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Oh. My. God.

I haven't posted in ages, tons of stuff has happened, etc., etc. Maybe I'll finally get around to an update over the holidays. In the meantime:

Oh, I am so re-watching the entire extended LotR trilogy over my break between Christmas and New Years!


Pinboard time!

Ok, I got all of my delicious bookmarks exported (thanks to this extremely helpful post). I love how fast the import process was on pinboard - it only took about 2 minutes, I was shocked! I'm cunningplan over there if anyone wants to add me :)


I sent two emails to feeback@avos.com today:

#1Collapse )

#2Collapse )

I guess now I'll have to use the 100 or so tabs I have open in FF for reading material for the next while, instead of constantly searching for new fic in delicious. I hope they actually listen to people and fix some of this stuff. I'm thinking about migrating to pinboard, although I'm very bummed that no sites seem to support tag bundles.

How about you guys? Are you moving, and if so, where?


Just wanted to say that Southland continues to knock me on my ass every week. It drives me crazy that no one I know in RL watches it/has ever heard of it, so I can't rhapsodize over it on Wednesdays :D
Slight spoilerCollapse ) Can't wait for next Tuesday, when we get new White Collar as well :)

ETA - have I seriously not posted since July? wow, I suck. I keep meaning to update but I've been putting it off so long at this point that it seems like this Herculean task.


and I was all excited! Because, yay, job in my field, at the local college, full time, starting at $22/hour! Unfortunately, because my field placement got moved back to August 9-31, I won't be done school in time for the job, which starts in August. Boo urns :(


tv time...

The season premiere of White Collar and the series premiere of Covert Affairs were on tonight...
White Collar & Covert AffairsCollapse )

I haven't been around much (at all) lately, I know... I was supposed to have a work placement at an academic library - the placement is my last requirement to graduate, and it had to be arranged and my application to graduate in by last week. Then the placement fell through a couple of days before the deadline, so I was freaking out that I wouldn't be able to graduate until next spring, putting me waaaay behind in being able to start looking for a job in the field, move out of my mom's house, etc, etc. Luckily, my program director is awesome and managed to find something for me with a school board literally at the 11th hour! So I'll be in Hamilton for most of August, if any of you folks down there want to hang &hearts

Beyond that, I've been playing a lot of poker (Texas Hold 'Em) the past couple of months. I've been playing in the local amateur league since October as I'm trying to learn as much as possible without risking any money what with the whole "unemployed" thing. My dad and I both entered a $10 50-man tournament at the casino last weekend - again, low risk but very good experience, particularly in playing in that environment, with a professional dealer. I wasn't in the money, but I played pretty well and came in 12th, which I think is pretty decent for my first time there. My cousin who plays higher-stakes poker out West is supposed to be home in Hamilton for a couple of weeks overlapping when I'm there, so hopefully I'll be able to get some coaching while he's down.



... was that an earthquake? In southwestern Ontario?

RIP Cally - I'm sorry, babygirl :(

I had to put my horse down a couple of hours ago. She was only 8, but had developed lung problems to the extent that there was scarring and the medication wasn't really doing anything. I didn't want to put her through the heat of the summer when she couldn't breathe. The worst part about it was that she was happy to see me, she came to the gate to meet me when I went to get her from the field. She trusted me and I brought her inside so that the vet could put her down and I feel like I let her down even though I know it was what was best for her.


Home from Europe!

Got home from the airport about an hour ago. Going back into Sarnia to celebrate with a friend who quit her job... it's 12:45 a.m. my time right now, have a feeling I'm going to be dead on my feet in a couple of hours :D

I have a feeling catching up on my friends list will take about 20 years - I plan on doing it, but please let me know if anything exciting is going on in your life so I don't miss it!

P.S. - came home to an email from Exclaim! magazine saying I won a draw for a Hannah Georgas cd, vinyl and t-shirt, yay :)